Body B Fit delivers evolutionary, high intensity training in a 25-minute workout 

Presenting a workout plan that offers the most effective and transformative group exercise programs – VersaClimber, TRX, and Boxing. We believe every client has the ability to reach individualized success in balance, movement, and strength through proper planning and encouragement. Our goal is to implement a new standard of hybrid training across multiple disciplines and practices geared to transform the bodies, minds and lives of clients. With a team of professional trainers, we seek to create competitive, inspired, and motivated clients and encourage a team environment – celebrating individual success as well as team success. We challenge clients to perform without any set limitations or constraints – possibilities for success are endless at any level.






Guided by one of our trained professionals, clients experience personal training through a group training program.

At the beginning of your membership, you have the option to sit down with one of our trainers to review a physical fitness plan and nutritional plan that is catered to your personal, physical, and dietary needs. The trainer will suggest what workouts you need to attend and how often throughout the week. They will follow-up with a guided nutritional plan to supplement the daily activities and workouts you perform. You will take body measurements and ‘before’ pictures to use as initial records to chart your progress throughout the next coming weeks and months. Every 8 – 16 weeks, you will reevaluate your plan and chart your progression.


Downtown New Orleans reinvents itself. 


Surrounded by a resurgence of life and activity, Body B Fit is located in the middle of the city's revival. The studio is steps away from local businesses and residences in the South Market District. Located in The Beacon at South Market Apartments we are surrounded by The Daily Beet, Willa Jean, several street car stops, Lafayette Square, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, and the Art District’s celebrated Galilee’s and museums. Come be a part of this cultural renaissance.




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