Just when you think you’ve reached your limit, Tim is there to encourage you to dig deeper, reach farther and push harder. He brings his own unique blend of Texas charm, New York hustle, creativity and positive encouragement to help you become the best YOU possible.

Being a dancer and staying physically fit go hand in hand. Thanks to the Queen of Pop, he got his start in fitness by joining the 2012 MDNA World Tour as one of her personal trainers. The experience of training someone like Madonna, who seems to have no limits as to how far she can push herself physically, is immeasurable.

As a professional dancer turned fitness professional, Tim’s love of music is evident in each playlist he creates. In his words, “I pick tracks that make me want to move. Plain and simple.” His love of remixes keeps him on a never ending search for new music.

Tim is super excited about making his mark in the New Orleans fitness scene.